Consulting at COMMITIS means a consulting process
on astrategic level in the field of Leadership Development.
Therefore, people in the following positions might be
interested the most in this service.


Young tree with well- grounded roots

COMMITIS, founded in early 2007, is the immediate successor of the DMG Consulting, established in 1998.

Over a decade of successful strategic consultancy and hands-on experience in Leadership and Organizational Development are the heritage, and the following aspects add to what is creating even more value for you partnering with COMMITIS:

  • Broadened range of services for essential aspects of Organizational and Leadership Development offered (organizational diagnostics, 360° Feedback, hub for high end trainers, coaches and consultants)
  • Effective support on the conceptualization and implementation of Innovation Development
  • Strong emphasis on Organizational Development/ Change and Executive Coaching
  • Global availability of all services